Journal of Plant Sciences

Special Issue

Plant Chassis for Synthetic Biology

Submission deadline: Dec. 01, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
Special Issue of Journal of Plant Sciences
With the development of biotechnology, plant synthetic biology has obtained more attention by combining engineering principles with plant biology aiming to design and produce new devices or products. This field could play important roles in both future agriculture for crop improvement and green biomanufacturing in plants. In this special issue, we will focus on both the traditional and newly emerging plant chassis.
1)The engineering principles, genetic parts, and computational tools, which are usually used in plant synthetic biology, could be discussed.
2)Modification of synthetic metabolic pathways, which could be used to generate the value-added products, could be introduced to give people cues on how to optimize the plant chassis.
3)Some pioneering results which could reflect the potentiality of plant synthetic biology are also welcome.
4)Papers on the comparison of plant chassis and their future development could be considered as well.


  1. Plant chassis
  2. Synthetic biology
  3. Rational design
  4. Metabolic engineering
  5. Value-added product
  6. Application
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